42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers

  • Complete 5.1 surround sound home theater solution
  • 42” sound bar with left, right and center channels
  • Wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers
  • 102dB of room filling, crystal clear surround sound
  • Less than 1% total harmonic distortion*
  • Stream music from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Premium audio with Dolby Digital®
  • DTS Digital Surround™ decoding
  • DTS TruVolume™ and DTS Circle Surround™ audio post processing
  • Complete 5.1 surround sound home theater solution
  • 42” sound bar with left, right and center channels
  • Wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers
  • 102dB of room filling, crystal clear surround sound
  • Less than 1% total harmonic distortion*
  • Stream music from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Premium audio with Dolby Digital®
  • DTS Digital Surround™ decoding
  • DTS TruVolume™ and DTS Circle Surround™ audio post processing

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42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers | S4251w-B4

Product Overview


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Sound & Vision Top Pick of the Year

Vizio sound bars surprised A/V critics across the board last year with their performance, feature content, and value...


Raise The Bar

Award-Winning Home Theater

The All-New 5.1 Audio Experience.

Best of 2013 Home Theater AwardCnet Best of CES 2013Techlicious Best Soundbar 2013Step up to immersive surround sound with VIZIOs new 5.1 home theater sound bar. Winner of CNET’s Best of CES 2013, the VIZIO S4251w combines amazing performance with innovative features to deliver an audio experience as crystal-clear as your HDTV picture in a design that’s remarkably easy to use.

5.1 Soundbar video

5.1 Soundbar Experience

Take a closer look at the VIZIO Soundbar experience.
5.1 unboxing video

5.1 Soundbar Unboxing

Take a closer look at the VIZIO Soundbar unboxing experience.

Next Level
Audio Experience

Full Surround Sound Immersion.

The VIZIO 5.1 home theater comes with a three channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer for thunderous bass, and rear satellite speakers that put you in the center of the action. TV, movies, sports and games will come to life in up to 102dB of roof-raising volume with less than 1% of total harmonic distortion2.

Crafted For

Set Up. Connect. Enjoy.
It’s as Easy as 1-2-3.

Adding theater quality 5.1 surround sound to your room has never been easier. With a range of digital and analog inputs, all cables included to connect to most any HDTV, and easy to install wall mount brackets - you can saturate your room in sound with maximum convenience and minimal clutter.

Wireless SubwooferWireless Subwoofer
Setting up the wireless subwoofer is a simple plug-and-play process that delivers deep, room-shaking bass without tangled wires.

Bluetooth ConnectivityBluetooth Connectivity
Built-in Bluetooth technology to let you stream music from your smart phone, tablet, music player or computer without even turning on your TV.

Display Remote

Display Remote
Using the sound bar is simple with a beautifully redesigned remote that puts an intuitive user interface right in your hand.

1Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service Based on Units Sold January – October 2012

2Sound Pressure Level measured using pink noise at 1 meter, C-weighted. Total harmonic distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion.

Tech Specs

Sound Bar Size: 42"
Sound Bar Speakers: Left & Right Channels (each) – 2x 3” mid-range drivers, 1x ¾” tweeters
Center Channel – 2x 2.5” full range drivers
Subwoofer Speakers: 6.0” Subwoofer
Sound Pressure Level: 102dB
Sound Bar Frequency: 90Hz - 20kHz
Subwoofer Frequency: 40Hz-90Hz
Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround
Sound Enhancement Technology: DTS TruVolume, DTS Circle Surround
Wireless Range (Subwoofer): 60' line of sight
Bluetooth: Yes
Sound Bar Buttons: Power, Input, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down
Remote: Yes – Display Remote
Power Input: 120V 60Hz
Installation: Table top and wall-mountable
Package Contents: Sound Bar, Wireless Subwoofer, 2 x Rear Satellite Speakers, RCA Cables for Satellite Speakers, Display Remote, RCA to 3.5mm Audio Cable, Digital Coaxial Cable, Optical Digital Cable, Wall mounts, Quick Start Guide, Sound Bar Power Cable, Wireless Subwoofer Power Cable


Connections (Rear)
Analog Audio Input: 1x Stereo RCA
Analog Audio Input: 1x 3.5mm stereo mini jack
Digital Audio Input: 1x RCA (Coaxial)
Digital Audio Input: 1 x Optical (Toslink)
USB Input: 1x USB (for .WAV audio Playback)


Sound Bar w/ Feet (rubber pads): 8.9lbs
Subwoofer: 14.7lbs


Sound Bar w/ Feet (rubber pads): 42.32"W x 3.74"H x 3.15"D
Satellite Speakers: 3.18"W x 7.42"H x 2.77"D
Subwoofer: 6.93"W x 12.52"H x 15.86"D
Packaging Dimensions: 44.5"W x 10"H x 18.6"D


VIZIO, Inc. has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein. All product specifications, functionality, features, configurations, performance, design and other product information described herein are subject to change without notice. VIZIO, Inc. disclaims liability for typographical, technical, or descriptive errors

Customer Reviews

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner! Review by Mystro

This was suppose to be a surprise father's day present from my wife, but she miscalculated when it would arrive. I happened to be off that day and answered the door when it was delivered. I felt like a toddler when I opened the door because the box alone had me sold. It screams this product is official. Needless to say my wife was upset because her surprise was ruined. I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning. Believe me when I say it did not disappoint. I consider myself a sound junkie and this made me throw away my stereo. Immediately ran out and purchased stands for my satellite speakers. Compared to the expensive competitors there is no comparison. Several options as far as TV hookup, bluetooth, and a 5 year old could put it together. For $ 250 it's a no brainer. Ding Ding Ding we have a winner!

(Posted on 7/9/14)

Vizio 42in 5.1 Sound Bar System Review by Sound Guy 7.1_Authority

This is the BEST 5.1 sound bar with left,center,& right CH audio
With wireless sub-woofer / rear CH speakers available for the price.
With proper settings and being careful not to over drive the sub-woofer, you can not beat the sound quality of this system.
I have it installed in two rooms adjacent from each other, within 20ft between systems
And no issues with the operations.
For a audio system with no fuss installation, and the capability to run components, DVD/DVR, Bluetooth, ect. Meaning this Vizio sound bar has a full featured pre-amp.
All for under $ 250.00 dollars, a sound bar that would be good set- up as a audio system for a iPad/ iPhone or any other device streaming music - stand alone you have
A clean & clear sounding system...........
Buy one and you will go back and buy a second !!! (I did).............
In my main living space I run a 7.1 CH pre-amp with 7-discreet amplifiers.
This is just my opinion.......
"But a dam good one"

(Posted on 6/16/14)



(Posted on 6/16/14)

Boost Your Home Audio Review by Jake

I recently moved to a house from an apartment and the first thing I bought was this new and improved 5.1 audio system from Vizio. It really kicks up the quality of sound over the factory built ins on the TV, and adds a little more boom to the sound with the wireless sub woofer. Now my ears have been spoiled and I cannot watch TV without the surround system on.

The addition of not having to run wires across the room made for a very easy setup. Now of course your not going to get major highs and major lows from this setup, but you will definitely be pleased with what your ears will hear. I love the fact you can link a Bluetooth device like your phone and stream media like Pandora or iHeart Radio to system.

Overall my ears have been pleased and it didn't cause to much of a dent in my wallet, considering what I got for the price. I always recommend Vizio products, and the sooner you try them out, you will too.

(Posted on 6/12/14)

Very Please..so far Review by Dfe

Purchased the 5.1 along with a Vizio 55 LED. I also purchased universal mounts that allow me to connect this directly to the TV mount. Looks great and sounds even better.
I have a Bose cinemate that I moved from our den to the game room. The room was to big for the Bose. It did not sound good at all. Moved that back to the Den and installed this unit. Wow. My teenagers love listening to music via the bluetooth and iPhone and my wife and I enjoy watching movies. Could not be happier with this purchase.

(Posted on 6/5/14)

Great Review by Teeray

Been looking for quite some time for a sound system that would satisfy the musician in me. Listened to several models, most costing more than this one. But, when they fired it up at Best Buy, there was no comparison. This one beat the others hands down, unless you want to include the $2000+ Bose units. Got this product home and I could not be any happier!! I have no complaints at all!! My younger brother is an audio junkie and he loved the unit, as well. First time in quite a while that I bought a product that lived up to what it was intended to do. You've got a true winner!!!

(Posted on 5/20/14)

theater sound bar Review by angie

I really love it...

(Posted on 5/17/14)

best sound bar for the money by far Review by TyDad

I researched sound bars online for about 2-3 months, and listening to friends' units. I decided on this Vizio 5.1 unit after reading countless overwhelmingly positive reviews on various sites. I've had the unit for about 3-4 months now, and out does not disappoint!

The 5.1 true surround sound is by far the best feature of this product. As the audiophile music guy reviewer so eloquently stated in his review, this sound bar truly immerses you in a movie. I have a PS3 connected via optical cable and my TV's digital out for simple over-the-air programming. Let me stress, there is a Major difference in audio quality, with the PS3's optical connection proving far superior. I know much of this has to do with my PS3, Netflix, and Hulu plus providing Dolly 5.1 output, but it is also the lack of audio quality out from my TV.

I agree with other reviewers, the remote not having a backlight for its digital readout is probably the most frustrating aspect of this product. Also, the remote must be aimed at the soundbar in order to change inputs, so you often find yourself turning on a light and reading the remote in an awkward position while aiming it at the soundbar, for there is no digital readout on the soundbar itself--only a series of lights which light up in coded patterns to indicate which input is operating. An LED digital readout on the sound bar would fix this, Vizio.

Still, despite a few minor inconveniences, this sound bar at around $300 is by far the best you can get in this price range. The satellite speakers connect to the wireless subwoofer, which eliminates cords crossing your living room from the soundbar itself. The subwoofer packs a huge punch, especially when streaming Bluetooth music. I've had to turn the bass and the subwoofer down several times to keep from annoying my neighbors in my apartment complex.

Thus is an amazing 5.1 soundbar system. It is the best purchase I have made in years!

(Posted on 5/17/14)

Very nice Review by Gadget Guy

I have this hooked up via SPDF to my Sony Bravia 40" TV. I have cable, chrome cast and a dvd player hooked up to the tv. I've never had a sound system hooked up for tv audio, let alone 5.1, and yet I'm a musician and pro audio guy- go figure. So yes, it was amazing to hear this for the first time! It's actually more than hearing, it's being immersed in the sound, which in turn immerses you in the picture. It makes for a complete experience. When I have a movie playing you can think it's loud and yet you can talk to the person on the opposite couch with no trouble. It's an immersion in sound, not just loud sound coming at you. If you're like me, you've all but given up the night out to the movies because of uncomfortable seats, tiny theaters, obnoxious people, ear assaulting volumes, and let's face it- expensive. This sound system brings the experience of movie watching- the immersing experience of being pulled into a movie- back into your life. It's that experience you miss out on with just tv speakers, especially considering our flat screen tv's are now like movie screens. The experience is complete with this sound system.

I put the sub next to the couch between it and the wall. It's is non directional and adds weight to the sound- very nice and I haven't needed to change default settings. At first I put the satellite speakers on the end tables and it was okay, but too low in height. I purchased speaker stands and they're up just above the couch now, which is much better. I have an L shaped couch love seat configuration and it has been tricky aiming the satellite speakers so they become supportive but not directional. I think I have it set well now. The satellite speakers could actually do even better being higher up than the stands I have will go. But mostly, each seat is a good listening position now, the best one being center on the couch of course.

I have downloaded the updated BIN file and I'm going to install it. Even though I only have one SPDF cable from the tv, I have had random one second audio dips and I've lost audio a handful of times just watching cable TV. I get the audio back by channeling up or down one channel. For all I know it could be cable tv doing that, I'm not sure. But it couldn't hurt installing the latest software. The other issue, as has been noted already is the volume increments. It really needs to be addressed but I don't think it will be, as someone from support here has indicated. I can only hope that a newer vizio sound bar they might come out with, which would probably address the problem, would somehow be available for a software update for this system too. Don't leave us out f a fix comes along with a new system. I don't mind the volume jumps much but my wife finds it annoying. Considering this was my idea, I'd like her to be fully satisfied with no complaints.

It's ever so quirky at the moment and hopefully I'll track it all down and get it consistent. The quirks are minor enough, and the amazing audio is major enough, that I'd live with them if I had to. For me it's been all momentary and not a deal breaker. If you're gonna do a sound bar, by all means get this 5.1. The rear speakers are a major plus. From 1-5, I give this a 4.

(Posted on 5/12/14)

Great Birthday Present(s) Review by tamarjag

For our anniversary, my husband purchased a 46" in Samsung LED Smart TV. A few months later he had me choose whatever birthday gift I wanted. I'm ecstatic I ultimately chose the VIZIO 42" 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers (verses a mixer or food processor)!

I'm the electronically inclined person of the family, so I set it up myself. Relatively easy to set up. I say relatively because no one could get the back of the remote off, so we had to use a knife. Good thing I had purchased a Logitech Harmony remote to go with the entire system. The LED read out on the system remote is hard to read, which lengthened the amount of time to figure out what source the TV was coming from. Once I figured it out, was easy sailing.

Sound is amazing! Rich deep tones are emitted from the subwoofer. Smooth tones from all other speakers.

This morning, I was thinking a car was driving by with their "thump thump music" going, but quickly realized it was my own theater in the other room.

Cannot wait to get home and really put it to work. Just got it last night and hooked it up after our 20 month old had went to bed.

I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a home theater system for a reasonably comparable price.

(Posted on 5/11/14)

Awesome 5.1 Review by Minnu

Bought 75" samsung led tv and samsung 2.1 soundbar, didnt like it and returned back to best buy, and then bought vizio 5.1 and luved it, good price and nice sound

(Posted on 5/3/14)

Excellent for TV and Music Review by Satyaa

I bought this with 55" 3D LED TV @Costco.

The sound is excellent. It fills a 13' x 23' room comfortably and sounds great too. My usage is about 60% TV, 30% movies and 10% music. It works great for all of those uses, including streaming music from my phone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth.

If you don't want to spend about 2.5K for excellent HT speakers plus AV receiver, this soundbar performs as well as a HT costing four times its price.

The only complaint I have is that the volume control with integrated TV remote is on and off. I have not yet figured out if the issue is with the TV, remote or soundbar. Per design, I should be able to control this device with TV remote and TV sound automatically goes off. Once in a while it doesn't recognize and both sounds are on.

(Posted on 4/16/14)

BIG SOUND!! Review by marshadidthis

I love the sound of a really great movie literally all around me! I really want this at my house!!

(Posted on 3/26/14)

Awesome Review by Ricky

I have a wired 7.1 surround in my cave. We just purchased the vizio m series 55 in for our living room and wanted more then a regular soundbar. Let me tell you the sound from this is great. The rear speakers make the diff and the wireless sub rocks the room. Keep up the great work vizio.

(Posted on 3/9/14)

Overall Pretty Good! Review by tjernagel

I purchased this unit for our Vizio 47" XVT3D474SV. I think it was a good buy. It's a handsome unit and the sound is great for the cost of the unit. Good highs, good lows. The sub-woofer has good volume. I would like to see a few things different. Streaming my iPhone to it over bluetooth produces good sounding music.

The first being the size of it. We have a 47" tv and this bar is about 3 inches shorter than I would like. I think it would be nice if Vizio would manufacture sound bars that match the width of their tv's. We need to put the engineers at Vizio to work on designing an adjustable sound bar so it could be sized to match the width of your set.

The remote screen is bizarre. Get out your flashlight of turn on the lights because it's difficult to see. It should be better back lite. I use a Logitech Harmony One remote and haven't been able to get it to work well with the Vizio remove so that may become an issue for myself.

My tv settings don't control it correctly for volume. As of this writing I don't know if it's the sound bar or the tv itself. I have the internal speakers turned off and am using the digital audio out. My remove controls both the television volume as well as the sound bar volume both at the same time. It makes it difficult to control the over all volume. It needs to be one or the other. This will be a call to Vizio. The digital out should be a fixed signal, not variable.

When a Dolby Digital signal is detected the unit says "Dolby Digital" lights up for about 5 seconds confirming the unit is in Dolby Digital mode. I'd like to see this lite anytime the unit is playing back Dolby Digital. It seems to be hit and miss sometimes. I'll play a 5.1 movie on the Playstation 3 and it never comes on. The movie sounds like it's in Dolby Digital but the unit never shows it is.

Overall I would recommend the purchase to my friends. Good sound, good sub, good design. Just has some hiccups I would like to see fixed.

(Posted on 3/8/14)

Great product Review by John

Can't believe the sound quality from this product. Very easy to set up. Streaming via bluetooth is a breeze. Best purchase I have made for some time. Highly recommend this item.

(Posted on 3/5/14)

the best Review by Lee

This is fantastic for a great sound and the price is good love the sound and wireless would recommend this to any one looking for a great sound

(Posted on 3/4/14)

Very Pleased Review by gman

I got this one after I returned the LG one that I bought. I was going to go with the Sony line but I saw that this one had rear speakers and the wires went into the wireless sub which is awesome. I had a 5.1 system but hated the wires. The sound so far is really nice and the bass is better than I thought it would be. I'm glad I did get the 5.1 system and I would recommend it to people.

(Posted on 2/28/14)


At a fraction of the costs at Sams its hard to find a better sound bar. I had the 54 inch bar and returned it because of its lack of bass. Not a problem with this one.
I can't wait for the 54 inch 5.1 coming out soon.

(Posted on 2/20/14)

An Important tool!!! Review by Don

I have a wired (in wall 7.2 system) in my family room. We just put a 55 inch Vizio in our bedroom. My wife decided we should get it framed like a picture! We saw one in a resort and she fell in love with the concept. I figured I'd try a sound bar, and after researching and finally hearing one in a realistic setting decide I would do it. Let me tell you, we'd rather look at movies in bed!!!!!!! This system is great!!, She love's it. She enjoys watching movies in comfort. And many times I've found her laying relaxed listening to her music via the bluetooth. This is a GREAT system. I have two more rooms I'd like to add the sound bar to.

(Posted on 2/16/14)

Great product Review by Keys Traveler

We purchased this unit at Costco yesterday. It replaced a Samsung Blue Ray, 3D, surrround sound system that started to have problems after 18 months. This unit is complete as a sound system and we added a separate Blue Ray 3D player. The sound is better than the Samsung, Balance is fantastic, Bass is rich and full. Volume control is limited but not a game changer at the low end. Installation was smooth and without hassle. We connected the the TV through the optical connection and the Blue Ray through the digital connection. The rear speakers were easy to connect with the subwoofer and attached easily to our old stands. The velcro straps,included, were an inexpensive but great touch to help with routing the wires down the stand tubes expecially witht he large connectors on both ends of the rear speaker wiring. Thanks Vizio. Great sound and great product. Highly recommend. Also you can't beat the price at Costco or their service.

(Posted on 2/14/14)

Don't hesitate. Review by Killa K

This speaker changed my life, like legit. For real though; you won't get better sound for the price — I absolutely love mine.

(Posted on 2/9/14)

Great Buy Review by Edward

Hello ji, yes everyone this product from the vizio is very top of line, it is very good buy especially with this extremely low price for its features. I really like this bar, I used to have a home theatre system with the tower speakers and bass, it was too much hassle and too much wire everywhere so I look around and find this. I was amazed with the technology in this. Very good soundbar, A1 I give thumb up.

(Posted on 2/4/14)

Jjust Awesome Review by Mr. Neal

bought this unit about a week ago and hooked it up. Was a very easy install and the sound is fantastic. Wife & I are very senior Citizens with a hearing loss especially with voices. We followed the instructions and the tones & quality are just great. My son came over and listened and played with it and went out and bought one. Now there are 2 of us that are very pleased.If you read this the setup was very easy.

(Posted on 2/3/14)

Good product! Review by Joe

The Vizio 5.1 sound bar with wireless subwoofer and the two satellite speakers is a great sound system. This system is a great product for the money. It has been a great addition to my improve the sound from my flat screen tv and is great for listening to music.

The only flaw I found so far and I have read in a few different posts is a HUGE range in volume control from 1.5 to 3. When watching TV, I can never get the volume "just right" because the sound bar has such a gap between volume numbers. Just one click of the remote and the volume is way too loud or way too soft. If there is a chance to update this through a software upgrade, I sure hope Vizio can make this adjustment.

If Vizio has a way to fix this, that would be awesome!!!

(Posted on 1/30/14)

Excellent Sound, Needs Additional Optical In Review by stan

I replaced an old Bose Lifestyle system with this and the quality is amazing. Ease of installation great. If you own an Xbox One though and need more than one Optical input then this bar won't meet your needs. I love Vizio quality and this bar stands up to the test. Vizio, give us more than one optical in so we can connect all our toys.

(Posted on 1/26/14)

GREAT product with only two flaws Review by Brian

I purchased this system January 2014 to go with our 60" TV, cable box and Apple TV and am very happy with it. The surround sound is fantastic and the Bluetooth connectivity is very easy to use (something Bose systems refuse to incorporate into their products for some reason). I listened to A LOT of sound bars at big box stores and none of them sounded this good. The surround speakers certainly help! You can just Google this system online and find a lot of tech companies who find this to be an excellent sound system for the money. The wireless base module is a great feature that I can hide behind my couch without a wire connecting back to the sound bar. I highly recommend connecting the sound bar to each individual component (in my case, my cable box and Apple TV) rather than directly to the TV audio output for optimal surround sound. You get more sound quality from the rear speakers when the system is hooked up to your components directly rather than your TV.

That brings me to the only two flaws I have experienced with the system. The range in volume control as mentioned by a previous reviewer is one of them. There is such a HUGE range in volume control from 1.5 to 3. When watching TV, I can never get the volume "just right" because the sound bar has such a gap between volume numbers. Just one click of the remote and the volume is way too loud or way too soft. If there is a chance to update this through a software upgrade, I sure hope Vizio can make this adjustment. As the previous reviewer said, you would NEVER use the higher volume settings to watch TV or even a movie. They would blow out the speakers! I do crank up the sound bar to 4 or 5 to jamb to music streaming through the Bluetooth from my iPhone but louder than that would shake the house and wake the neighbors, literally.

Second flaw is the length of the rear speaker wires. I really wish one of the rear speaker wires would be 5-6 feet longer. I'm going to write Vizio to see if I can purchase a longer wire. Hope they have them.
Other than that, I think this system is awesome!

(Posted on 1/26/14)

great sound Review by ross

this is by far the best system I have ever had. it has deep bass so much so that I had to turn the bass down because the whole house would shake. the sound is very clear, and the music that I stream via Bluetooth is awesome. I can go upstairs with my iphone 5 and it will still play very clear from the basement to the bedroom floors.

(Posted on 1/21/14)

Amazing Product Review by E-doe

First, I just have to say how awesome an addition this sound bar is to my living room! The improved sound and bass enhances all my entertainment experiences from movies to video games. The ability to pair with Bluetooth enabled devices also means I'll be able to blast music from my phone, or laptop when I have get togethers. Keep it up Vizio!! I wouldn't recommend any other brand.

(Posted on 1/19/14)

Excellent Quality Sorround Sound Review by Richi

Through blue tooth, I connect the 5.1 sound bar with my Samsung tablet which I also connect with epson HD projector and what an amazing sorround movie experience. I also listen to Pandora music/songs. Really happy how it picks up small details. Wheather it is classical or rock, it produces quality sound. It's a good bargain.

(Posted on 1/19/14)

Amazing setup with minor issue Review by Jeff

The vizio sound bar is second to none as it has no competitors. If you do not have the space or money for a full 5.1 system your only other option is an overpriced set of speakers that 'simulates surround sound'

With the Vizio the setup is rather simple and the instructions make configuring it rather easy. The wires going from the sub to the back speakers are plenty long (although proprietary av style plugs) The sound is crisp and clear and as long as you have 5.1 audio coming through the soundbar it will put out rather accurate surround details.

For the price and convenience this is a perfect setup. The point where it falls short is 2 fold. The remote, although it looks and feels clean, is extremely basic so the display is not only difficult to read unless it is perfectly in line with your eyes but it will also display changes that the bar may not be receiving. The second and most important issue is the volume levels they have programmed. I have not been above volume level like 4-5 which are very loud and there are like 8 settings with half steps in between. Nobody will ever use 6-8 as they will either hurt your ears or blow out the speakers so they need to send out a firmware update that scales the volume so that you have more low end volume options. As is, between volume level 1 (barely audible voices) and level 2 (a little loud for regular tv listening) is a wide gap they could fill with a few clicks of a mouse.

Hopefully they will update the firmware again to address the last issue and they would have a perfect system.

(Posted on 1/16/14)

awesome sound Review by raymond

I received the 5.1 sound system for Christmas. we already have the 42" 3d vizio tv. this replaced a prior sound system. what a difference! my wife loves it for the musicals that she watches. the sound is vastly improved. and the look of the system is great with the tv.

(Posted on 12/31/13)

Very Good Product! Review by Chris

We bought the 5.1 (bar, sub, and 2 satellites) to pair with our 50" M-series Vizio TV. The set-up was easy as can be, paired with the wireless sub first try and has remained paired even through power outages, and the wired-to-the-sub satellites work/set-up easily. As far as sound is concerned, I'm not necessarily an audiophile but the sound is incredible! We have a relatively small living room and we cannot turn the TV up much more than a few clicks because the sound is so full. Movies are amazing (especially action flicks), the bass levels are appropriate and sound great, and the satellite speakers really change the way you watch movies due to the added sounds. It makes it very difficult to watch movies at friends houses who don't have surround sound. Even regular TV is better with surround. I highly recommend if you have a nice TV that you add this to it... You won't be disappointed!

(Posted on 12/30/13)

5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar Review by am53

What a great addition to our M60....The sound is very good to excellent and the picture quality is just as good....Vizio has done good with both of these products, we left Samsung for this and you have done well for your selves keep it up Vizio.......

(Posted on 12/28/13)

Quality Surround Sound Upgrade Review by Jake

I waited for this to come available, since the earlier models had some bugs and other issues. After reading all the great reviews I know that Vizio finally got it right. I picked mine up off Amazon for a slightly lower cost. I hooked it up to my 70" in our living room; and all I can say is WOW! It improved the audio quality by 200% and added a deep rich bass. Watching movies and TV have never been better. I love the fact we didn't have to run wires to the rear of the room, and you can even stream audio from any bluetooth enabled device. Once again Vizio gives me a reason to keep recommending their products to people that are looking for great quality at affordable prices.

(Posted on 12/27/13)

Vizio sound bar Review by PK

My children bought me the s4251w 5.1 sound bar far my new 60" Vizio smart TV. They hooked it up and it changed the sound greatly. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to improve the sound

(Posted on 12/27/13)

Great Product Review by Buck

Bought a 70 inch Vizio LED TV for Christmas and paired it with the Vizio 5.1 sound bar. The sound was amazing. Big full sound with ripping bass. The set up was easy without a hitch. Great product at a great price.

(Posted on 12/26/13)

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Firmware update version 1017 for the VIZIO S4251w-B4 Sound Bar. Download and follow the instructions below to update your S4251w-B4. This update addresses audio dropout on some units when changing channels using your Cable or Satellite Set Top Box. If you do not experience this issue, it is not necessary to update your sound bar.

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