By Will Greenwald
July 10, 2013

Streaming video has finally taken off. Services like Netflix and YouTube have become household names, and Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video aren't far behind. Blu-ray is still the best format for watching movies with the highest clarity, but a wide variety of streaming media services have become the most convenient and economical ways to watch or listen to what you want.

Many HDTVs and Blu-ray players can access some of these services directly. But for the maximum number of choices, you'll want a dedicated media hub to really experience the breadth of what can be streamed to your home theater. These set-top boxes are inexpensive and disc-free, and can grant access to massive libraries of media online through Wi-Fi. Whether you want to subscribe to online services to access collections, or buy movies and albums piecemeal through an online store, these devices offer the easiest way to do just that...


VIZIO Co-Star VAP430

Vizio Co-Star VAP430 erface by adding its own version, and it also supports OnLive gaming when equipped with the optional wireless controller.

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