Break the constraints of unsightly cables and wires. Free your sound systems from the limitations of their cords. Unleash your audio and bring a whole new listening experience to your HDTV system. Introducing VIZIO’s intelligent, Wireless Audio featuring Dolby Digital, SRS TruSurround™ and SRS TruVolume™.

Never before has sound been like this. Our new Wireless Audio Technology allows you to hear even the most minute sound the way they were intended to be heard—with accuracy and clarity. After all, sound is one of the most important parts of the picture. Don’t miss it.

Picture this. A home audio system that truly encompasses every room of your house. Plug in your MP3 dock and listen to your favorite tunes as you move from room to room. Hear the lines from your favorite movie as you go from the living room to the back porch. Never miss the play-by-play as you pile the goodies on your mammoth burger during the big game. That’s the beauty of Wireless Audio from VIZIO.

Dolby Digital - The latest innovation in cinema sound, improving the spatial dimension of soundtracks and enhancing audio definition for full-featured audio that better matches the visual impact of film.

SRS Sound - SRS Sound delivers immersive surround sound, deep base, clear dialog and level volume.

DTS Digital Surround - Delivering audio compatibility with audio sources including Blu-ray players, game systems, TVs and more.