Every once in a while, a breakthrough comes along that sets the standards for others to follow. This is one of them. Our LED Technology promises to be the most realistic visual experience possible.

The beauty of our LED display is its ability to adapt intelligently. Changing hues, adjusting intensity, adding realistic subtleties that defies perception yet provides a level of reality that is mesmerizing. Our Smart Dimming™ technology intelligently monitors the content you’re watching, corrects and displays minute detail that is sharper and more pronounced, and as the only HDTV that reaches true black, our TruLED TVs add a sense of reality that leaves you breathless – and leaves the competition in our wake.

Like the human eye that continually adapts to the smallest changes in light and shade, SMART DIMMING™ provides instant adaptation to the subtle changes in the scenes you’re watching. By independently monitoring and adjust the LED blocks, SMART DIMMING™ accentuates the minute changes in the scene, delivering the most realistic, most vivid field of depth yet.

Can an HDTV truly make your watching experience more emotional? It can now. Unlike most HDTV’s, TruLED TVs can reach contrast ratios of up 10 Million : 1, which accentuates the contrast between dark and light – allowing for greater depiction of every detail on the screen. You get more life-like clarity and richer, brighter truer colors so eerie scenes become more ominous and foreboding, the dawning of a new day is more uplifting and bright, and the subtle play of a romantic scene is more touching and heartfelt.

240Hz SPS* Smooth Motion technology delivers 240 scenes per second producing enhanced frame rate and delivering sharper clarity of fast action scenes for blur free images.

ECO HD exceeds current ENERGY STAR® Guidelines, saving you money on your utility bills while limiting the impact on our planet.

Delivers immersive high definition surround sound, limits volume inconsistencies and enhances dialogue.


*240Hz SPS displays 240 scenes per second by combining advanced 120Hz technology with scanning backlight